That was Clustermath

ClusterMath is a unique multi-dimensional clustering network algorithm, which is specifically focused on understanding social networks, through the properties of their structures. ClusterMath will map and make sense of a network for you.

273+ million

Accounts Analyzed

213+ billion

Connections among accounts




Micro-influence networks

What we were doing

Select a target audience

Use public network data such as Twitter or work with your own data. Both directed and undirected graphs are welcomed.

ClusterMath clustering

We are able to work with networks of up to 5 million nodes and 100 billion edges, as well as smaller ones. Don’t worry about bots, we only work with organic material.

Fetch your results

Download all the sorted information through our API or in bulk. Your map to navigate a social network.

Create your strategy

Find micro-influence networks, discover a competitor’s community, improve your user recommendation algorithm, launch viral campaigns. ClusterMath will give you the map, you define the path which you wish to navigate.

The Magic

Who are your audience?

At ClusterMath we can provide a bespoke and targeted approach to your business needs. Let’s go through the potential of ClusterMath with an example: launching a new modern art exhibition. How can we help you? First we identify your audience – the group of people with a common interest in modern art. Audiences can be limited by factors e.g. geographic location or language. By studying your audience, we will be able to help you understand how to make them aware of your exhibition.

What is a Community?

Communities are core groups within an audience. People within an audience have connections, links and things in common that group them together. People are multidimensional and therefore will belong to more than one community. Those who are highly connected will link different communities together. For you, the communities within your modern art audience will include groups such as: Tate Modern museum, sculptures, art pop ups, south west London.

Our magic (the Algorithm)

The unique ClusterMath algorithm is able to use raw data from social networks to determine what these communities are within an audience and to capture the different dimensions of those in the communities. From here we are able to identify who are the most connected people in the audience – who are the people with the most links across communities. These determine the top influencers and the key influences within your audience. This will then inform your strategy to help achieve maximum impact.

Transform data into meaning full information.

What does this really mean? Meet Dave. He has been identified as a key influencer. We can see the communities Dave belongs to and we can see the others in your audience he shares these interests with. He has connections with 80% of those following UK art providing an invaluable network to launch your exhibition. By focusing on Dave, and others like him, you can reach those interested in UK art, other key influencers in that community and their networks. A starting point to then influence Dave are what he is influenced by e.g. Bansky. Like people, our algorithm is multidimensional and so we able to identify multi-faceted influencers. We can provide a list of the key influencers and their communities to help you understand your audience and frame how to successfully reach out to them. This is just 1 story. Tell us yours and using the power of ClusterMath we can help it become a success.

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